Prairie Plant-Based Foods

In recent years, the plant-based lifestyle has emerged as one of the healthiest, and environmentally sustainable practices adhered to. It owes, in part, to the numerous advancements in plant-based food, particularly meat substitutes that reportedly act and provide various options to its animal counterpart.

Meat alternatives as the name suggests are replacements for animal meat items like burgers, ground meat, sausages, chicken etc. This attempt is to allow for more acceptance from flexitarian audiences.

Plant-Based Products:

Favorable brands, and consumer demands has shown the need for gluten- free, non-GMO, Organic food restrictions to be applied to be applied to various ingredients. These plant-based items may contain a range of favorable ingredients like fava bean, chickpea, and pea protein.
The burgeoning plant-protein business is now creating unique functional meals and value-added products that substitute animal proteins.

Traceability of Plant-Based Products:

Having full stock traceability means having the ability to trace a product from farm to consumer plates. Vita Plant plays a role of providing Vegan meats from prairie farms to the point of consumption. Some of these local crops includes pulses, such as peas, chickpeas, faba bean, lentils etc. These crops are especially known for their high nutritional content, fibrous-meaty texture, and taste for vegetarian and flexitarian marketplaces. 

Vita Plant:

Vita Plant is a food manufacturing company dedicated to bringing plant-based meals to families. These tasty plant-based meat products utilize locally sourced ingredients from Canadian Prairies. They are made following environmentally friendly ingredients, focusing on development and consumer satisfaction. It is no surprise Canada is one of the biggest exporters of pulses, and Saskatchewan sits at the heart of this production capacity, enabling Vita Plant which is perfectly located in Saskatoon, Sk to perform research and bring this healthy and nutritious food to families around the globe.