Plant-Based Meat: The Future Of Food Industry

Who is not aware of Plant-Based meat these days? It is competitive with animal-based meat. In fact, due to its better taste, texture and nutritional values, it is rapidly replacing animal-based meat. It is even being considered the future of the food industry.

Don’t believe us yet? Keep reading to be amazed how plant-based meat is better than its animal counterpart and the sustainable practices it possesses.

Plant-Based Meats

Plant-Based meat is exactly what it sounds like. These products mimic animal-based meat in its taste, color, and texture. But unlike animal-based meat, they are made up of plants and their derivatives.

These products are more nutritious than animal-based products. They offer lower calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat per serving.

Future of Food Industry

Plant-based foods, especially plant-meats are rapidly becoming the future of food. Plants are healthier than animals, they are less impactful on the ecosystem, and serves as a better alternative source of protein and fiber.

Another encouraging reason that predicts plant-based meat is here to stay is all the limelight it has received recently. Many consumer goods giants such as Unilever and Tyson highly invested in this sector. In 2018 alone, a $100 million capital fund was created to enhance the production and distribution of plant-based meats.

Although less than 1% of the meat industry consists of plant-based meat products, it is changing rapidly. With animal rights protests increasing rapidly, the agricultural sector is shifting towards providing more crops for human consumption.

Vita Plant plays a major role in the betterment and improvement of plant-based meat in the industry. Their research-driven and innovative plant products array provides a healthier and more nutritious food culture.