Why Pulses Are Important for Plant-Based Meat.

You’ve probably heard of plant-based foods, particularly meats, and are curious about the ingredients that make up these food groups.
According to a new Gallup study, roughly one in every four Canadians has reduced their meat consumption, with the majority claiming health as the reason.
Furthermore, Canada’s dietary guide also promotes eating more plant-based protein meals, it’s no surprise why plant-based foods, especially meat is becoming popular. So what are they made of? Vegan foods and food products high in protein and fibre, are generally considered superfoods, mainly because they help boost immunity.

Plant-Based Meat:

Plant-based meats are meat-like products, as the title suggests, and are protein packed meat substitutes made from plants.

When made right, by wet fractionation for burgers, and dry process for ground beef they taste identical to animal-based meats. Moreover, Plant-based foods provides sustainable practices to the environment with a reduced water usage, green house gas emissions and more nutritional benefits compared to animal-based meat products.

Role of Pulses in Plant-Based Meat:

Pulses are among the world’s most significant food crops, consisting of many edible seeds that include pantry staples such as peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas. Pulses are also an essential component of meat substitutes. They work as binders, reducing water loss, retaining flavor, and providing that fibrous meaty texture. The use of pulse components can also¬†assist in minimizing the quantity of fat required in the meat product. Some of these essential pulses include:-

  • Fava beans (13g protein per 100g) help increase plant-based meat substitutes’ textures.
  • Peas (5g protein per 100g) are beneficial because they have high fiber and low-fat content.
  • Chickpeas (19g protein per 100g) have high protein content and provide the Iron necessary to lower cholesterol and improve gut health.
  • Lentils (9g protein per 100g) add essential minerals and vitamins to these products.

Vita Plant is a biotechnology food brand that provides healthy and nutritious meat analogues, using Canadian pulses. These crops and pulses in our meat alternatives includes: peas, chickpeas, fava beans, quinoa, hemp, lentils, etc.