Plant-Based Alternatives For Food Security Issues.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a health care and humanitarian issue that threatened the issue with food security globally. It is anticipated that global population increase will increase to approximate 10 million in the next decade, trigerring various food security issues like starvation, and low nutrient foods.
The pandemic has negatively impacted the price of meat and dairy production, supply chain issues, and overall food supply. The costs of meat and meat products plummeted due to decreased production capacity, increased demand, and panic buying. Plant-based meats, and food industry has become a sustainable alternative.

Plant-Based Meat:

Plant-based meat products are made from plant-based components. They possess similar consistency, flavor, and fibrous texture as animal meat. The substitution of vegetables for meat decreases saturated fat content while increasing fiber and nutritional contents. According to research, this lowers the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Plant-based foods also improves general gut health with reduced or no bloating.

Plant-Based Meat and Food Security Issue:

The present COVID-19 outbreak is transforming the plant-based meat business, from global economies to product lines, price, and stock available for consumer consumption. The pandemic has also focused attention on meat supply and food security worldwide, by causing a backlog with supply chain, and food distribution.
Plant-based foods sales increased faster than animal-based meat sales at the peak of coronavirus. Plant based foods sales increased by 148% year on year during the global health crisis, compared to animal-based meat sales of only 99 percent. This trend shows consumer demand leaning towards consumption of plant foods- superfoods.
Vita Plant is a biotechnology food company producing healthy and nutritious meat analogues. Made from locally sourced Canadian pulses, like pea protein, fava bean, and chickpea. Their long-term goal is to help improve the taste, and texture of plant-based food. Also to promote public education towards sustainable and nutritional values of plant-protein.